Refreshingly Different

Balmer, Jeffs & Company Ltd ('BJCL', FSP14261) holds licences issued by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice and discretionary investment management services. BJCL is a 100% New Zealand- owned investment advisory firm, established in 2008.

BJCL's principals are Duncan Balmer (FSP54921) and Rob Jeffs (FSP68921), who have been giving investment advice since 1985 and 1991 respectively. They give investment advice on behalf of BJCL.

BJCL provides advice across a range of securities including cash, fixed interest, property, 'alternative assets', and shares, both nationally and internationally. As quality, liquidity and cost-efficiency are prime considerations at BJCL, investment exposures onshore are typically via direct stock exchange-listed ('listed') investment-grade fixed interest bonds, listed property trusts, and listed direct shares and exchange-traded funds, while access to offshore investment opportunities is principally achieved via listed UK investment trusts.

BJCL does not recommend private finance company debentures, and nor does it recommend highly 'engineered' unit trusts with sub-prime debt in them. Very few investment advisors can match our record of keeping clients' portfolios completely free of failed private finance companies and 'engineered' unit trusts during (and since) the Global Financial Crisis.

Clients' assets are administered via an independent custodial service, to protect the assets, minimise the paperwork that clients have to deal with, and provide accurate tax reporting. Research is conducted in-house, backed by the output of a number of well-respected onshore and offshore banks and research houses.

BJCL is committed to offering unbiased investment advice, and works only for its clients. We toe no one else's line, are beholden to no product providers, have no product sales targets, and don't sell anything except investment advice.

The principals of BJCL intend that the company will remain small in scale, and will always offer a genuinely personal service. We have a minimum new investment amount of $1,000,000.

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